Events for February 3, 2023

Easter Brunch

Take home edition

Choose Your Own Brunch

Select from the following entrée options

Prime rib with mac ‘n cheese and green beans -$125-

Gruyere cheese and spinach quiche, smoked salmon gravlax -$80-

All takeout will come will soup and salad.

Arugula salad with pecan, chopped egg, raspberry vinaigrette

Cauliflower soup

Dessert will be your choice of lemon bars or cinnamon bun cake.

Last order will be accepted at 5pm on Thursday, April 1. Pickup will be on Saturday, April 3, from 1pm-5pm. All orders will be prepared cold with reheating instructions.

You can order on the website form or call us directly at 412-281-6593.

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